Retro Fast Freds Lighted Wall Clock 14 x 14 Inches

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Fast Freds Lighted Wall Clock 14 x 14 Inches

Perfect for hanging in any room that could use a pop of color and a fun retro finishing touch, the Retro Fast Freds Lighted Wall Clock shows an ice cream stand and a street lined with classic automobiles. Like vintage clocks from the 1950s, the timepiece features a 22-watt neon backlight. The lighting runs on AC power and has its own on-off switch.

The Retro Fast Freds Lighted Wall Clock is made to last a lifetime, just like your fond memories of the 1950s. A very precise computer-controlled printing system is used to produce the artwork, and the image is dried with UV to seal it in place. The image is protected by a high quality optical lexan, which is scratch-proof and resistant to yellowing. For cleaning purposes, the trio of rivets that bolt it in place can be removed.

The housing of the clock is made form black ABS plastic. Powered by a single AA battery, an American quartz crystal movement system controls the hands. The clock is 14 inches wide and weighs 7 pounds.

Here are some features of our backlit clocks.

  • Best backlit clock on the market
  • Brightest clocks anywhere
  • Beautiful printing
  • 14 inches across
  • Clear Lexan outer lens
  • Plugs into any 110 outlet
  • On / Off switch in cord
  • Quarts movement runs from AA battery
  • Perfect for the collector
  • 1 years manufacturer warranty
  • Made in the USA

The lighted clock's profile:

vintage clock profile retro clock profile


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Additional Info

Usually ships next business day
- Usually ships next business day.